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By accepting jobs, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions described herein.

We use eCoachManager as our booking and dispatch system, so all inquiries and bookings are electronically tracked.  You get the opportunity to see the full details of the work we have and a chance to submit a price or even take the job there and then.

Once we have emailed you a booking please confirm you have accepted it by clicking the accept button.

Our system will send you a final confirmation of details 4 days prior to the date of travel. 48 hours prior to the collection we will request, via an automated email, the driver’s name and number which will be provided to the customer. Should you not give out drivers’ numbers please enter your 24/7 emergency contact number.


Emergencies and Recoveries


TravelSafe also offers our supply partners a FREE emergency recovery system.   Had a breakdown?   Driver sick, over hours?   Just call our office and give the recovery details - we will SMS it instantly to our network with your details so any operator that can help will contact you directly.  This service is offered nationwide to operators in the partner network.




Once an operator has accepted a booking, it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the booking is carried out in accordance with the booking details. Should an operator be unable to provide the vehicle after acceptance of a job the operator must inform the office and find a replacement service provider, should this incur extra charges over the agreed rate the operator that accepted the job is responsible for the additional charge. In the event that this is not possible, TravelSafe will also attempt to find a replacement – any additional costs incurred will be the responsibility of the operator. Please also be advised that any 'bond' requirement must be stated in advance of any acceptance of jobs as despite our best efforts we cannot guarantee that we would be able to obtain any additional funds from the customer during or after the journey. (i.e cleaning fees)




We operate on a 30-day account basis with our supply partners unless agreed otherwise.

Invoices must be submitted by email to rosemarykennedy@travelsafecoachhire.com.au with a copy sent to operations@travelsafecoachhire.com.au

Please can you ensure your bank details are shown on the invoice if it is the first time we will be processing a payment to your company.




We rarely make cancellations; however, we do have strict terms with our clients. Any booking canceled within 72 hours or more is not chargeable. 48-72 hours 50% and less than 48 hours 100%.




Any variation from the booked job must be confirmed with our office prior to carrying out the work.

In the unlikely event that you are unable to contact us, then any additional work must be charged to the customer at the time. We cannot accept charges for extra work carried out without our prior knowledge and acceptance.

In the event that the client is an account corporate customer, then the agreement must be made with the customer that there will be an extra charge and we will then charge that to them after the event.



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