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Corporate Team Building In Perth

The world’s remotest capital city offers a veritable smorgasbord of corporate bonding events. From exciting water events on the Swan River to Go Kart racing or tramping through the wilds of the world renowned Perth Zoo, your team will definitely benefit from some of these amazing events for corporate team building in Perth.

We offer a range of corporate bus hire services in Perth that are absolutely ideal for transporting your entire team. Along the way their journey to and from your chosen event will encourage more team spirit and team bonding. For information about a selection of top Perth team building events check out our blog.


Experience The Zoomazing Race – Unique Event For Corporate Team Building In Perth

This is the amazing race with a zoological twist. The Zoomazing Race offered by Perth Zoo dishes up a variety of team building experiences for any team brave enough to take on the challenge!

Your team is split into tribes and then it’s race on against each other and the clock! Tribe members must collaborate to find and unlock all the Zoomazing clues in order to reach the next checkpoint and finally reach their destination in the furthest wilds of the zoo grounds. Along the way they’ll encounter wonderful wildlife, prolific plant species and interesting insects.

The Zoomazing Race is one of 3 zoomazing events for team building in Perth run by the Zoo.


Corporate Team Building In Perth

Adventures Await Pirates Of The Swan – Extreme Fun Whilst Corporate Team Building In Perth

Ahoy me hearties, it’s Captain Blackbeard of the mighty pirate ship Jolly Roger. Get into the mood by dressing up as pirates to search out treasure in Pirates Of The Swan.

With the aid of a pirate map your team must learn to co-ordinate and sail their pirate yachts whilst navigating to location markers on the ‘high seas’ of the Swan River in this exciting race to find and unlock hidden treasure.

The final section is on land and then watch out because it’s every team for themselves in the race to uncover clues and work out the numbers needed to unlock the treasure chest’s digital combination lock.

An event for corporate team building in Perth from Team Building Made Easy and not to be missed!


SNAG – New Take On Classic Game For Corporate Team Building In Perth

Fancy a round of golf SNAG style? This interesting take on the classic game offered as a way of corporate team building in Perth is the brainchild of some very clever people at the Joondalup Resort.

‘Snag’ is Australian for sausage but in this instance it means Starting New At Golf and the 4 varieties of SNAG offered by the resort will result in some considerable hilarity for both bystanders and participants!


How About Go Kart Racing For Corporate Team Building In Perth

Fuel the competitive spirit that lurks within most of us with a Go Kart day out at Kart World.

This adrenaline fuelled way of corporate team building in Perth will have your team firing on all cylinders as they flex their muscles and show off their driving prowess in a series of exciting Go Kart races. To the winners go the highest accolades of course!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the interesting ways of corporate team building in Perth. There are plenty more to be found so even if our selection doesn’t take your fancy you’re still guaranteed to find something that will.

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Corporate Team Building In Perth

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